What books should I read?

Hi, I am your therapist, John Cena. No, but seriously, I have been looking around me, people who read books look so happy, they’re so attached and focused on the book, it looks so interesting. I remember when I used to read actual chapter books, they were so good. Then I got bored and blew all my money on comic books. Now that I am broke, so I can just ride my bike down to the library and get books there, I mean, they have like a gazillion books. That leaves me with a question, what should I read? What books are actually good and preteen appropriate? What can I read and be interest in? Tell me in the comments!😊

FaZe Clan

Who is Faze clan? A call of duty clan, known for their trick shooters. They currently have over 60 members and main leaders are FaZe Rain, Temperrr, Blaziken, Apex, Adapt, and more.  Awesome, yes I know. FaZe Clan’s main rivals are the Optic clan, cool people.


Now, you got that figured out, also call of duty is awesome, like really awesome. I can’t even explain how awesome. Anyways, yeah, they trickshot. Cool.


Anyways, I hope you enjoyed reading this. Now you’re more educated on FaZe clan, Bye!


Hello, I tied a not, hahahhahahahahah. Not! Ahhhh, not. How to tie a not? The world may never know. So I was walking down the street like yo what up I got feet. I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO TYPE!!!!! Yah, wassup, howdy. I hate patsa, Its too magical.


So yeah. That was my random talk about everything on planet Earth.



Nah man

Bro, yo, so, how are you todo. Okay, seriously, story time! So, one day I was riding my bike near Chinatown, and a guy says ” Where’d you get that bike?” and then I just rode away. No, but seriously the event was terrifying, scared the $^*# out of me. So yeah. Anyways, that’s the end. Okay, let me tell a better story. You know what I don’t get? Einstein was a Jew living in Germany, why didn’t the Germans kill him? Maybe he was just too smart for Hitler, yeah, that makes sense.


Real story, I don’t know any. Okay, so there’s this guy named hmsriley, I’m not sure if that’s his username, but whatever. We were playing this thing called Minecraft, playing turf wars. In Turf wars, you build a base out of wool, and use bow n arrows to the opposite team, it’s pretty  fun. There is this game called Team Fortress 2, not to brag but I’m pretty good, and I don’t even use a mouse😁. Well, I mean, I use an Xbox controller which is even easier than a mouse, um.


This blog post is really off topic, but that’s okay, because most of everything I say is off topic. I like trains, their cool.



Loner man… and some other random stuff.

Hi, I’m loner man, I’m real lonely. Do you want to be my friend? No, okay, I get that answer a lot. I used to be popular man, had a girlfriend and everything. Till I got lonely, then I lost my girlfriend and my friends. Whats that? How do you become lonely and lose your friends because you’re lonely even though you have friends meaning your not lonely? I really don’t know how that works, but I mean I need it to carry out the plot. End of the story, thanks for reading.

Yeah, I spent most of my weekend playing Minecraft and Team Fortress 2, with  sprinkle of some League Of Legends and Slither.io as a topping. Mainly voice chatting with my friend Tyler who goes to my school. So that was fun. Anyways, ever since I got my new computer, I have been gaming more than I ever had before.



League Of Legends Noob

Soooo, ever heard of “League Of Legends”😘? No? Well alrighty then. So, League is a MOBA ( Multiplayer Online Battle Arena ) and basically, what you do is kill your enemies, optional online or not, destroy their Turrets which are like protectors that stand still but shoot lazers at you, and destroy their crystal thingy. Well, that sounds pretty boring, Joe. SHUT YOUR MOUTH!!!! Okay, not actually. When you watch somebody play, it looks incredibly boring, but when you play, you get all competitive and start yelling.


There’s your basics, so, one fact is that Lol is the top played game in America! That’s pretty good because it beats out mine craft by a lot of players, probably because it’s free. But that’s the thing, it’s free! A great way to get players! Sure you’ll lose a lot of money that you could have made by making the game cost money, but whatever. Anyways, I think it was every year, Riot Games ( The creator of League Of legends) hosts a competition on ESPN’s eSports. Heroes of the Dorm eSports was playing 4/9/16, I totally tuned in, Arizona won. Heroes of the dorm is a game similar to Lol.


In conclusion, Lol is an awesome game, if you’ve got 2 GB, use it for this game, you’ll be happy  you did. Although it does take like an hour to download, whatever.

Batman v Superman sucks?!? Is Justice League Going To TOO?!?!

                 Wassup my bro’s, I watched Batman V Superman, me being a bias DC fan, I really enjoyed this movie, and so did others. Though to the critics, it’s a beautiful mess. The cgi and shots are Oscar worthy, but with its dull tone and story that’s over the place, it’s a beautiful mess, that’s what most critics say. Scoring 29% on Rotten Tomatoes, D+ on Ign, and 7.3 on Imbd, it’s obvious it’s not a great film, but an ok film. It’s directed by Zach Snyder, a man known for movie flops, but DC still uses him for movies. Justice comes out sometime in November 2017, before that two other DC movies come out, Wonder Woman and Suicide Squad.

So, is Justice League doomed to fail? Eh, maybe. We don’t know. I give it a 14% chance of becoming a good movie. Batman V Superman was a box office success, and Justice League probably will be too.


Assassins Creed Black Flag ( Pirates and assassins in the Renaissance)

Photo Credit: giri_trisanto via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: giri_trisanto via Compfight cc

Joe… What is this? Assa…. assassins creed? On a school blog? Relax, it’s a video game. Ok so assassins creed takes place in a world where like they’re super humans before actual humans and then something happens, yeah I don’t know that part of the story that well. Basically this guy, I forget his name, is kidnapped by this company  called astergo or something, and they force him to go in this machine that traces his blood back to his assassin ancestor, and his name is Edward something… what does it look like huh! I play the game?!? Actually I do. Ok I just looked it up his name is Edward Kenway, so yeah that’s cool.


Here’s the real kicker, Edwards actually a pirate…. Whhaaaaaaatttttt. Surprising I know, you probably care so much. Anyways Edward was a pirate, he hired an assassin for fights, got shipwrecked and everybody else died except the assassin and Edward, and then Edward kills the assassin and stole his suit which is so bad asteroid, see what I did there, it’s from ratchet and clank for all of you 90’s kids, I got you, I got you😉.  Yeah and then he…. Well I’m only 7% done with the game, but there’s your summary.

The DC TVe universe is here.

Attack Marvel!! Agggghhhhhh!!!!! Ok, Yeah, shhhhh, clam down. Attack!!!! Ok, so DC launched their new superhero TV Line up, and it’s great. So we start off with the best show yet, The Flash, it’s great, has good humor, and has great CGI. Then we got Arrow, or his name Green Arrow, he’s a bow and arrow guy, but has a good backstory. After that is Supergirl, promotes feminism, entertaining, good humor, all the good stuff. Next is Legends of tomorrow, like DC’s TV version of the Avengers, except has time travel, and is way more powerful. Lastly is Gotham, the backstory of Bruce Wayne, and doesn’t hold back. Three of these shows are on the CW, and Gotham is on ABC, also supergirl on CBS. So yeah, it’s a pretty great line up, and all the tv shows are connected except Gotham since it’s a backstory.

Space Exploration

“Are the rockets ready?” Says sergeant 31. ” Yes, engines and rockets ready for lift off.” Says sergeant 52. “How are the rockets conditions?” Asks Colon, the leader of Colonial exploration.

What is Colonial Exploration? Well, the old U.S government went bank rupt and was destroyed during World War 3, the year is 2651. After that, Russia took over America as part of them, then all the billionaire’s in America, or Russian America, gather and form one big companies, fighting back and winning against Russia. Now that the old government is destroyed, these billionaires are the new government for America. It is now 2707. NASA was destroyed during the war, so Conlonal Exploration was put together by the by the billionaires. In this time of age, Colonial Exploration has achieved light speed travel, and is currently planning on sending humans into space, and the astronauts won’t return to earth. Once the rocket leaves our Solar system, the rocket ship can fly through space because there is no friction. The plan is to find Earth 2, or find aliens.


“The conditions are stable.” Replies sergeant 45. “Ok, start the countdown.” Says Colon. *In the space ship* *10! 9…* “These are our last moments on Earth, Emily.” Says Matt. *6! 5! 4…* “Yeah, but we will have fun times in space!” Replies Emily. “Ahhh quit wining Matt!” Says Josh. The ships name is Neptune 1, being the first ship, and  it contains 4 people. *2! 1! Eject!* Something sounds like it exploded like a nuke, and vibrations stronger than 8,000,000,000,000 hearts were released and traveling through the air. “Going at Mach 15, now at Mach 31” Says Cody.